“An indispensable tool to provide both industry and government with practical information and to answer their queries. I use Abridge at least once a week and it is often my only realistic option to find the information I really need."

André Matthee, Director of Regulatory Services, South African Wine and Spirit Board

“I am writing to thank you for getting Cornell access to Abridge, the wine regulations database. It has been a nightmare to this point to track down specific wine regulations for different countries (e.g. allowable sulfite levels in Australia vs. the US) . . . but last night I got on to the program for the first time, and I was able to find specific information I needed for a new lecture within 15 minutes. This was after wasting 1.5 hours on Google trying to track down the same information, unsuccessfully!

Again, thanks, and I'll be sure to let my colleagues and students know about this database.”

Gavin Sacks, Assistant Professor of Enology