About Abridge

Abridge is the "One-Stop Shop" for all professionals involved in the alcohol beverage sector, including company representatives, lawyers, regulatory and policy government officials, and others who are seeking national and international regulatory information that affects trade in alcohol beverages. (While Abridge currently focuses only on wine, it contains valuable information for other alcohol beverage categories as well.)

Key Features

This new and innovative database utilizes numerous tools and applications to help users understand complex regulatory issues. One key feature is that the entire site is fully searchable, allowing users to locate every resource available on the site that contains the relevant term using one simple Search tool. Users can also view a complete breakdown of the essential elements of national regulations and international agreements to identify the regulatory requirements in a target market. These detailed breakdowns can be directly compared between markets to easily identify commonalities and differences. The original source documents for these regulations and agreements are also available in PDF format.

Trade Scenarios

One of the most critical features of the database is an application called "Trade Scenarios". This indispensable tool analyzes and compares the obligations of trade agreements with respect to a country’s national regulations by merging the critical elements of the agreement with the applicable regulations to offer a comprehensive view of the trading environment for the given scenario.

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